Mission Statement

Our Vision: 

Search the web for finding happiness and you will be presented by a myriad of choices of sites offering happiness suggestions and techniques.  We regularly check those out because new ideas about finding and sharing happiness are often seeds for new thoughts and ideas. What we found (and certainly this is an opinion) is that a lot of the techniques seemed rigid, sterile, or perhaps impractical.  Our site is a bit different, we want our visitors to leave with more than they came with, we want to not only share practical techniques for finding happiness but to also promote the idea that once found that happiness is shared.  Just one person sharing even the smallest bit of happiness can literally change the world. We hope that something we share sparks happiness and we hope you will share that happiness and encourage others to do the same !

Mission Statement:

10centlemonade.com is committed to helping the world Find and Share Happiness  through thoughtful shared experiences, perspective changing thoughts and practical (real life) techniques for finding and sharing Happiness . Our mission is to positively impact as many people and organizations in the world as possible.

We offer content solely created to promote happiness and the idea that sharing happiness is the crown jewel of actual happiness.  Our platform operates in an environment free of politics , race,  religion and judgement. We simply want to help the world find some happiness !