Why some people find it harder to be happy

As I have written many times over the last few years happiness is not automatic, to find happiness or more specifically feel happiness we need to put in a little work, happiness is the reward for the work 🙂 Here is the thing though, for some happiness takes more work than for others, I promise though that not unlike other tasks the more you work at it the easier and more automatic it can become !  I saw a very nicely written and easy to understand article on just this topic , being in the “job” of sharing happiness it would be selfish to keep something so good to myself !  I didn’t write this but I wish I had because it is brilliant !

Why some people find it harder to be happy



Give it a read , it is well worth your time !  The discussion about predisposition (genetics) vs environment  was spot on for me !

That’s all for today , I hadn’t actually planned on writing today but after I found this nugget of gold I just had to share it !

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