1.56 Million Dollar Happiness Advice (for free! )

Apparently in 1922 Albert Einstein weighed in on Happiness , yes the E=mc2 genius was intrigued with Happiness , I feel completed validated at this point 🙂  Einstein was quick to point out that in order to weigh in on happiness one would have to define Happiness from their individual perspective, monetary pleasure or living within your values  would be 2 different ways of perceiving happiness.  It is easy to see that if one valued both monetary pleasure and living within their values that the 2 types of happiness might often find conflict. Certainly as time has gone by Psychologists have introduced other complications to Einstein’s happiness theory with the introduction of something termed psychological richness , basically it is happiness that comes from rich and varied experiences , kind of the opposite of the modern day “fear of missing out” 🙂 You feel happiness because you missed out on little 🙂

If you have read my blog for any period time you know that I write a lot about perspective in relation to happiness with a strong emphasis on finding what it is that makes YOU happy , if it were the same thing for everybody then honestly there would be nothing to ponder or write about !

You may have noticed I still haven’t given you that ultra valuable Einstein advice so ok here it is , don’t get too excited !  Einstein wrote this ” A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness” , you are welcome , no charge !  Years later other psychologist came up with a concept  that closely aligns with Einstein’s secret of Happiness and it is called the concept of the hedonic treadmill.   It goes something like this … “We work very hard to reach a goal, anticipating the happiness it will bring. Unfortunately, after a brief fix we quickly slide back to our baseline, ordinary way-of-being and start chasing the next thing we believe will almost certainly — and finally — make us happy,” psychologist Frank T. McAndre has explained.  I’m no einstein but I call this the hamster wheel effect where we run like crazy only to catch nothing !

Clearly Einstein scratched the surface and with all due respect the man was an absolute genius but I think happiness is probably best left to us less than genius to figure out how to find and share with all of our non Einstein friends 😉

Oh and that 1.56 million dollar thing , apparently Einstein wrote this theory down and gave it to a bellboy as a tip and later somebody purchased the memorabilia for 1.56 million …


Find your Happiness , Share Your Happiness


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