Survival vs Happiness , hard wired for stress

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If you have read even a few of my blog posts you already know that happiness isn’t automatic, it takes work ! What you may not know is that we are naturally drawn to unpleasant or stressful situations , it goes way back to our basic survival instincts , survival simply trumps Happiness !  Would you be surprised to hear that happiness is actually a SKILL that must be fostered and maintained ? I talk a lot about perspective and how important that is to our happiness, we have even explored the power of positive thought but what we haven’t talked a lot about is the power of positive action ! I have often said that sharing happiness is one of the quickest way to find happiness, sharing happiness is a good example of positive action.  Positive action could be most anything that uplifts another , the random kind word , the random kind act , anything that adds a positive note.

I found this YouTube video that explains all of this and much more ! This is a Ted Talk by Katarina Blom entitled You Don’t Find Happiness, You Create It



Pretty good huh ?  I really enjoyed it !  Did you catch the part that we are far more likely to pick up on and put more value on negative comments than positive ? Long ago I wrote on the concept of banking Happiness that touches on this and even offers a mathematical formula that says for every negative thing we need 3 Positive things to maintain our current level of happiness, the good news is our brain is a bank of sorts where we can actually store and “bank” positive things for use at later times..  Read the whole post “The happiness bank – Be a happiness Ninja”  here, it ties in very nicely !


So , what do you think ? Had you ever thought of happiness as a skill ? If happiness is indeed a skill then I suspect with practice we could at the very least find a lot more happiness ! What kinds  of positive actions do you practice that bring you happiness ?  I would love to hear all about it !

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness

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