How do you relate to yourself ?

Do you find yourself being the most cordial , the most kind to everybody but yourself ? How much happier would we be if we treated ourselves as well and with as we treat others ?

We have all heard the saying “Treat others as you would like to be treated” So then why wouldn’t it follow that we should we should also be kind to ourselves ?

I’ll be very honest here , although I consider myself to be very happy and very aware of my perspectives role in personal happiness, treating myself as I treat others is sorely lacking !

Here is a graphic that will jumpstart the inner conversation we should have with ourselves and a good reminder that being happy often comes from how we treat ourselves. What other ways can we improve how we related to ourselves ?

Have an awesome day everybody , find the time, put in the effort to be good to yourself today and everyday .. Find some happiness and then don’t forget the most important part , Share ! The more happiness you share the more you will have , simple !

Until next time … Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness. Greg

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