What does it mean to wish someone Happiness ?

This blog is about finding and sharing Happiness , is that the same thing as wishing someone Happiness ?  From my perspective no ,it is not the same thing and here is why ..  Happy isn’t something we can simply wish somebody to be, sure we can say the words and maybe we even mean it (more on that thought in a minute) but I can no more wish you happy than wish you rich or brilliant or successful . What I can do is share Happiness and help you find your own happiness, those are real things but to simply wish you happiness without showing how to achieve it seems contradictory

People often say “I hope that you are happy,”  I can only speak for myself but the only time I have heard these words and they actually held any real meaning was either in anger , sarcasm or some backhanded way, where the person saying it is perhaps, indeed hoping but the unspoken is they most certainly don’t believe you will be happy 

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Or how about this one, something extraordinarily good happens for you and someone comments , “I’m happy for you” , are they really happy or is it just what we are supposed to say ?  I can tell you this much for sure, the person that truly IS happy  for other people isn’t crazy or weird, happy people  enjoy seeing other people do well. Truly happy people acknowledge achievements and strokes of good luck for others, as though they themselves were going through the same thing.

The problem is that there are very few truly happy people in this world , the pleasantry of “I’m happy for you” is in most cases just that because an inability to find happiness for ones self feeds the inability to be happy for others. Unhappy people are often a little bothered (or worse, angry) by seeing good things happen to other people while they see themselves stuck in what seems a “less than” situation, the issue is not that something good has happened to somebody else it is that without the tools to find and share our own happiness the happiness of others and the good things that happen for them seem like a slap in the face…

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Many of us were born into the concept of seeking happiness through hard work , develop dreams and expectations , all certainly noble pursuits but the flaw is that even if everything falls into place and our plans go off without a hitch, happiness often remains elusive, you’ve done all the right things , you’ve achieved those lofty goals but you still aren’t happy, do you know why ? The concept is flawed, you are looking at life from the wrong perspective.  We all look for happiness but most lack the ability to create happiness ! Happiness is probably the most sought after but rarely achieved goal of our lives , this is because we are so focused on finding happiness through the things we have been taught, that the building blocks for happiness are all these grand plans and goals. In the end we find ourselves waiting on happiness until whatever …. Happiness isn’t something that you wait for until _____________________ , you fill in the blank, I don’t care what you put in that blank , happiness is the here and now , it is everyday , every moment of our lives it isn’t something you wait until some specific goal or event happens because happiness is not the same thing as accomplishment. You needn’t look far to see well accomplished unhappy folks ! Happiness is not something to “achieve.” Happiness is not a ” destination” Happiness is all the frictionless things in our lives we choose to ignore to focus on “problems”, all the kind people and beautiful things we encounter every single day and choose to ignore.  Problem solving and seeking happiness are not the same thing !


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The answer is we need to be creators of Happiness both for ourselves and others , we can’t truly wish somebody happiness unless we are truly happy ourselves ! Happiness is the only thing I know of that the more you give away the more you have ! This blog is crammed full of ideas and thoughts , techniques for finding and sharing happiness , I highly encourage you to explore with an open mind and an open heart because closed mind and heart people will never find their own happiness and are truly incapable of appreciating other people’s happiness ! These may be the very same people who” Wish you Happiness” the irony is they wish you happiness ,likely as long as it doesn’t exceed their own happiness which is none at all !

Can we wish happiness for somebody ? Maybe !  Can we find and share happiness ? ABSOLUTELY !  Just remember that if you truly want to wish somebody happiness and revel in the achievements of others then you need to have a good sense of your happiness and share that happiness like crazy .  If this is your first or your millionth time to my blog I highly recommend looking around, happiness is everywhere but we have to slow down enough to see and absorb it ! And hey If my blog isn’t your cup of tea then there are many others out there they may very well be , the important thing is to find and share Happiness 🙂


Until next time

Find your Happiness , share your Happiness




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