Small , seemingly common things can make you Happy

I have a confession !  When I was young I was not easily amused and happiness often seemed like some far off place ! A psychiatrist might immediately assume familial issues but honestly I had a great family so that really wasn’t it.  So what was it ? Nowadays they have identified all kinds of syndromes in children, when I was young that was not the case ! I didn’t do all that well in school and I didn’t really care for a lot of people.. My problem turns out was a fairly simple one, my brain moves a lot faster than most people, now don’t misread that, I’m of very average intelligence it was just that my thoughts happened a lot faster than most people.. I could often tell what was about to happen or with scary accuracy predict where a situation might lead, that made me seem pretty weird to most of my school mates which really didn’t do a lot for my happiness. You might be asking how this relates to the title of this post, let me explain……. We have all heard the saying, stop and smell the flowers, when I was a kid my mind moved so fast that not only did I not stop to smell the flowers but likely didn’t even bother to SEE the flowers ! The saying of course has an underlying meaning, slow down and enjoy what is around you ! I likely would have been a lot happier child had I been able to actually slow down enough to see or appreciate anything !

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

It isn’t surprising in the fast paced , no time for anything world we live in that we seldom see or smell any flowers and yet if we actually look around flowers are pretty much everywhere !

Photo by Ryan McGehee on Unsplash

As I have gotten older I have not learned how to slow down my thoughts but I have learned to be more aware of the beauty around me and to let that awareness trigger a deliberate pause to enjoy , to appreciate what is around me , in these moments I find incredible , beautiful amazing happiness. It seems that happiness has always been waiting for me in things around me, I was just moving too fast to appreciate or enjoy it

So this looks nice, but what happens if we actually stop and look, not glance but really look !

Back to our title …  I have reference a small garden we planted and the beautiful sights and moments that have come from it, but guess what ? There is always something else to find , some thing of beauty , some happiness that once seen it’s hard to imagine missing out on something so beautiful , literally there is something significantly different every day and if one pays very close attention the happiness is constantly evolving and changing ! It makes one wonder, if I missed that small detail that inspired so much happiness what other things throughout our days and lives have we missed because we were so absorbed as to be blind in any given moment !

Walking around the garden as I now do quite frequently , the huge showy flowers in all their glory are aww inspiring , a closer look and there is what seems to be a very small blue flower, dwarfed by it’s incredibly impressive neighbors!

Small blue flower in the middle of large showy flowers, a closer look maybe ?

But look closer ! would it be easy to miss such a wonderous, unbelievably beautiful flower , how about the happiness it inspires ? I imagine we miss quite a lot of similar things throughout our days, so are we unhappy because our lives are so full or is the problem that we simply have forgotten to stop and smell the flowers ?

Easy to miss but wow ! It is like some happy surprise just waiting for somebody to pause long enough to find it !


I challenge you to look around, ! How much happiness is around you just waiting to be experienced if we would only notice ?


Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness !!

Until Next Time


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