30 Day Happiness Challenge

I don’t know about you guys but this week has really taken a good portion of my happiness ! The good news is happiness is all around us all we have to do is look around! Things always seem the darkest when we go through rough patches but keep things in perspective and focus on finding and sharing happiness and you will get through it 🙂

So I found this 30 Day Happiness Challenge graphic on the internet, I actually found quite a few but this one seems simple enough that almost anybody regardless of situation can pull off .. Let’s try it , what can it hurt , feel free to think of other things that you might like better , substitute , switch around things if you like … The graphic is less about structure than it is about finding something happy/special in every day !

Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day , I failed this week , I let things steal my happiness, I let bad things blind me to the good … Happiness takes a bit of work and focus , keep in mind that if unhappy things didn’t exist then Happiness would mean nothing ! Happiness can always be rebuilt !

Anyway here is that challenge, let’s get busy , let’s find some happiness and please please please let’s share that happiness with others , the world is in desperate need of Happiness !

Happiness Challenge

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness

Until next time …. Greg

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