Special Moments Will Make You Happy ! The Shocking Truth

Happiness is most often about perspective

One of the things about finding happiness is recognizing and acknowledging happy moments. I can imagine that being on the look out for bad and unhappy moments is/was a survival skill that dates back to primitive man, I imagine ones survival often revolved around problem solving, I further imagine happiness was secondary or maybe not at all ! So it isn’t all that surprising that human beings are more hard wired for survival than predisposed to happiness. As more evolved human beings it should be evident that happiness has its role in survival, in our times we are much more likely to be killed by a stress related illness than a wild animal attack ..

It follows that happiness should be sought for not only our physical well being but also our and those around us mental well being …

Do you want to know what I have found to be the single best way to find happiness ? It is shockingly simple, the trick is to have your eye out for happy moments and acknowledge they are happy moments. It sounds ridiculous but try it , I swear it works … As we were getting ready for dinner this evening I thought to myself “this is an incredibly happy moment” , I shared that I felt that with Sergio and poof it was a happy moment … Be vigilant , keep things in perspective, acknowledge those happy moments … For bonus points leave whatever garbage is going on in your life out of your happy moments food tastes so much better with the right frame of mind …

Clearly a happy moment ! How many moments like this do we let pass every single day because we fail to acknowledge them ?

It is so easy to get wrapped up in life’s garbage that we miss the truly great stuff…

Have an awesome day everybody , acknowledge those happy moments and I promise a greater sense of happiness will follow .. Share your happiness with others and it multiplies.

Until next time .. Find your Happiness, Share your Happiness

Greg and Sergio

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