Sunflowers , the Flowers of Happiness

Good morning world it is Sunday May 9, 2021 … As Sergio and the Chihuahua sleep I’m already up ,drinking coffee and working on finding some happiness to share, it wasn’t difficult this morning, I wanted to share some of yesterday evening and the planting of some giant sunflowers ! I quickly learned that sunflowers are “The Flowers of Happiness”, irony ?

I have always loved sun flowers, bright yellow flowers that always face the sun, so optimistic, so happy ! My first encounter with sun flowers was when my brother and I were quite young, there were sunflowers growing almost as if by fate,chance or perhaps even obstinance in the scorching heat of the Texas/Oklahoma border in a gooey, hellish hot black asphalt alley behind my grandparents garage. Even at this young age it made me really happy to see something so beautiful growing in such an unaccomidating environment.. My brother and I marveled at the beauty, surely we need to “pick” these beautiful flowers, try as we may there was no “picking” these crazy tough and thick flowers. We asked for Grandmas scissors and she gleefully told us that sunflowers were for looking at , not for picking :). Well, that and asking for Grandmas scissors was like asking for her most prized possession but that’s another story 🙂

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” – Helen Keller

I’ve seen pictures of fields of giant sunflowers, fields of bright yellow optimism ! So when we saw the seeds for the giant yellow sunflowers we gleefully purchased them! Honestly that moment of Happiness had nothing to do with planting or growing anything, that package of seeds in my hand was like a time machine, took me right back to that moment of “discovering” sun flowers like some hidden treasure behind my grandparents garage. I wish I could have seen the look on my own face because all I felt in that moment was joy, pure happiness !

We did decide to plant the giant sunflower seeds, how could we not plant the “Flowers of Happiness”, unfathomable ! We built a slightly raised bed for our soon to be “happy” friends, we wanted it to be somewhere that had sun throughout the day and someplace we could see easily, mission accomplished ! We picked the perfect spot and built the raised beds

Had to be of pretty good size, the giant sunflowers are about 12 feet tall !

We positioned the raised bed at what we thought would be the perfect place and angle , this will be here for months so it was super important to get it right … We filled the structure with good quality garden soil and leveled it out , the happiness level for both of us was off the chart !

Sergio gleefully leveling the soil in the raised bed

The “Flowers of Happiness” are now planted , we planted several rows of the giant sunflowers bordered by some of the smaller sunflowers. We can hardly wait for our “Happy” sunflower plants to make their debut ! One of our friends photoshopped a giant sunflower in, the bed doesn’t seem so large now!

One of our friends photoshopped a giant sunflower in, whoa, hehe… How’s that for giant happiness ?

We had the best time building this bed and planting the seeds, literally we took a simple dream and turned it into some major happiness


So after all that work we wondered , do giant sun flowers even grow in the Houston area .. Turns out they sure do ! We may need to go check this out, fields of “happiness” just waiting to be explored ! I included the link for those in the area that may be interested, I honestly had no clue we had such happy places so close by!

Will our “Flowers of Happiness” grow ? In a way , even without the first sprout this garden of Happiness has already yielded a ton of Happiness ! The journey of thought, execution, hopes, dreams and anticipation have already yielded a bumper crop of Happiness!

Have an awesome day everybody … Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness

Until next time … Greg

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