A happiness idea guide to get your day started !

It is Saturday May 8, 2021, the sun has yet to come up , almost time to get our work days started 🙂 But before we do that I wanted to quickly share this infographic I found on the internet. This infograph originally appeared on the happiness blog Happyologist in celebration of the UN International Day of Happiness. If you click the link you will notice the website no longer exists, sad because I really like this infographic !

Alright here it is , use this as a guide today and Happiness is sure to follow. I actually intend to purposefully try for all 9 , let’s see how many we achieve !

How many will you achieve today ? Try for as many as possible and watch your happiness grow !

Off to work for us ! Wishing everybody the happiest of days !

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness !

Until next time … Greg and Sergio

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