The garden will make you Happy

Just a quick story and then a picture. When I was a boy my dad had a fantasy about a beautiful backyard garden and 2 idle sons that he figured were just dying to till up a good portion of the backyard , to say our enthusiasm was far less than his is probably the understatement of all time … The garden grew so successfully that we soon had much to share with our neighbors , so much in fact that the neighbors refused to open their doors 🙂 Apparently egg plant isn’t as popular as he imagined , to this moment in time I grimace just a bit when I think of egg plant ! Clearly the ingredients for finding happiness in this situation comes many years later as now it is just funny ! 

Our gladiolas we have babied and patiently waited for are starting to bloom

What made me think of this is the joy , the happiness we are enjoying from the plants and gardens we have worked so hard on , the plants almost seem to show off with joy ! I guess this is what my dad felt, perhaps I should feel guilty for not sharing in that joy with him but at 12 years old I just couldn’t get excited about the 50th egg plant

Beautiful bright sun is making everything seem to glow

This evening the gladiolas are starting to bloom and show off … So much happiness that I just had to share

Until next time .. Find your happiness , share your happiness


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