Happiness and an evening in the Park

One of the interesting things about happiness is that it is often the random, less structured things we do that bring the most happiness. Sergio and I work a lot, like so much that it really is almost unbelievable ! That presents some major challenges to not only our Happiness but our relationship in general, relationships benefit greatly when our happiness levels are maintained ! One of the challenges with us working so many hours, so many days in a row is that we become tired and while sleeping is rejuvenating in a lot of ways it doesn’t do a lot for maintaining our happiness as a couple.  Our days start around 3 am and end late afternoon, that doesn’t give us a ton of time to do a lot and not a lot of energy even if we did have the time ! We make the joke everyday when we check the mail that maybe there is a winning lottery in there and we can rest, needless to say that isn’t our reality !

Yesterday about the time to go pick up Sergio from work he suggested (randomly) that we go to the park after work, we both are feeling pretty burn out, my job has me working from home which as it turns out is way harder and way more hours than when I went to an office and had a “normal” schedule and his work load has also increased as the pandemic continues.  The park was a good choice , it didn’t require a lot of preparation and was on our way home , the day was beautiful and we just needed some peaceful “outside time”

So I loaded up the dog , the hammock , some cold drinks and was on my way , the anticipation of a nice evening had already spiked my happiness level , I was feeling pretty good .. Just a few days ago I wrote an blog entry on anticipation and how that effects our happiness, in short anticipation can be a major driver for happiness , the full blog post Happiness and Anticipation is here if that is of interest to you 🙂

It was a gorgeous day !

Even the dog looks happy to be outside and is enjoying the day

Both Sergio and I were able to relax and be at peace, the feeling of peace is a major contributor to Happiness. I wrote a blog article quite a while back about Happiness and keeping your Peace and it is here , it is amazing to me how so many of the happiness puzzle pieces for Happiness are the same, the terms “peace” and “perspective” present themselves quite often !

I have noticed that animals can tell a lot about people in the ways they interact, there is a saying that goes something along the lines of if your dog doesn’t like somebody you should take note ! Along those same lines if you find somebody that almost all animals are unusually comfortable with you should also take note because likely this is a good person ! Sergio has “friends” no matter where we go, if one didn’t see it for themselves it might be hard to believe !

As the evening went on we continued to unwind , it really was just what the Dr ordered

So , let me stop and ask ? Do you feel more at peace after reading this and seeing the pictures ? How about your Happiness , has your mood been lifted ?   This is what we mean when we talk about finding and sharing Happiness, of course it might be easier or more effective if we were talking and sharing face to face but as you can see sharing in this way is quite effective too ! By sharing this did it in any way diminish my happiness ? My happiness was amplified because I shared it ! Did you know that happiness is one of the few things in life that the more you share the more you get ? Sharing Happiness returns to the person sharing 10 fold 🙂

What do you envision as the things that made this a happy event ? What do you imagine might have made it better/happier ? There is no right or wrong answers, happiness is found in different ways and circumstances and is unique for almost every individual ! Here are the things that I believe made this happy and then things that might have made it better 🙂

Things that made this happy

  1. The trip was random and exciting , there was little time to fuss or worry over the details
  2. The beautiful weather was a plus
  3. Spending time with somebody special is always happy
  4. We shared our experience with the family dog
  5. We brought a hammock (literally the envy of everybody)
  6. We didn’t try to make the trip about anything other than spending time together and resting (we kept it simple)
  7. We bonded with nature

Things that might have made it better

1.  We spent some of time on electronic devices instead of each other , it’s a sign of the times I know but I think electronic devices often make us miss some of the joy (happiness) around us


In conclusion , I would say an evening like this should provide anybody with lots of opportunities to bank some happiness, if you are new to my blog then you may not be familiar with “banking happiness” . Banking Happiness is a happiness technique you can learn to use, a full explanation is in a blog post I did “The Happiness Bank , Be a Happiness Ninja” which can be found here. There is literally a mathematical formula for maintaining happiness that says “For every negative thought/experience in your life you need at least 3 positive thoughts/experience to feel happy”  Once again the blog post is here and I sincerely think it is worth the read. Happiness isn’t exactly a one thing results in happiness, there are a lot of elements and pieces to being happy, look around my blog , I have spent a few years now exploring this world of finding and sharing happiness and there is still a lot more to know,  I love sharing these thoughts and ideas with everybody !

Until Next time !

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness



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