Happiness and a Song

One of the absolute best parts of this site/blog is the feedback I get, the things shared , the comments, just a recognition that somebody is getting something out of all this means the world to us, with so many things out there to read and consider we are honored that people choose to come to this site and interact for the common goal of finding and sharing Happiness ! People totally underestimate their power when it comes to sharing happiness, you really never know what might resonate with somebody or even why, frankly it doesn’t matter, my theory is put the happiness out there and those that need it will find it ! Sounds ridiculous but it seriously works that way…  There is no wasted act of sharing happiness ! You never know where the happiness ripple will go or what it might mean to somebody !

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A while back  I wrote a blog post about faith, as you may know we are a non-religion blog because religion tends to be one of those hot issues that tends to divide us and we are all about bringing people together and finding happiness regardless of religion.  We do however believe that faith in the more general sense is ultra important to our happiness, the faith that happiness is obtainable, the faith that things can improve ! Faith and your Happiness is the name of the post and it can be found here, it is one of my favorites !

Yesterday I received a comment about my post Food and Happiness !!  , a very simple reply asking if I liked the Lipton instant soups, I actually haven’t seen these in the stores in a few years, hadn’t even crossed my mind to even look for them but I did reply ( I reply to everybody in case anybody wondered ) and said that was a great memory of mine but I hadn’t thought about them in years, it made me happy to remember such a simple pleasure.  The next reply from the same person was a music video , a song I am VERY familiar with, there is no way this person could know what this song means to me or the long forgotten memories that came with it.  2004, when this came out was not a great time in my life, I found myself very disappointed with important people in my life and the road they were on, this song I played over and over, yes the song has a religious overtone but that’s not what made it comforting to me, just the message that things can and often do get better. I was a better person, a happier person for this song and quite literally got me through the rough patch..  Happiness is not always found in the things, places or events we  imagine, happiness is everywhere if we just try ! Thank you so much for sending this to me, there is no way anybody could have ever known what it meant to me and in sharing it you shared a great happiness ! Thank you for having this much faith in me , I truly am only one voice trying to make a difference, it is humbling you would reply in this way , it means the world to me !

Sharing happiness is never wasted !! I love finding and sharing Happiness and my goodness it is mighty satisfying to receive some happiness from all of you too !!  Thank you again !


Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness !!

Until next time !


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