Birthdays and Happiness

This particular blog post is admittedly a bit self indulgent and a reflection back on our own Birthdays 🙂  Both of our Birthday are in April which makes it a pretty special month since I’m closer to the beginning of April and he is closer to the end. This makes birthday #2 we have spent together , if you are in a relationship and can think back to the first birthday you shared with each other you can probably appreciate the fact that the second one together is much easier and less stressful ! In the beginning you don’t know a lot about each other in terms of past birthdays, traditions and so on, in our case that was particularly amplified since we come from different cultures and have different native languages.  Since this is a blog about finding and sharing happiness I will point out that familiarity is a form of happiness that 2 people can better share as they get to know each other better 🙂

I have had significant others in the past that insisted my birthday be a very large affair with a good many people invited, I actually dreaded my birthday because it felt like a huge pressure to have this really big perfect day, while I appreciated the effort and it was fun it really did very little in terms of making me feel happiness.  There was no pressure this birthday, no huge catered party, not a bunch of people that I felt like I needed to entertain , just Sergio and I , well and the Chihuahua ! I grilled burgers , he decorated the outside area, set up some music and it was one of the nicest birthdays..  The happiness observation here is sometimes the simplest situations can bring us the most happiness ! Happiness is much easier to find and recognize in the absence of a ton of things going on at the same time. Goes without saying I suppose but I’ll say it anyway, spending special occasions with people we care deeply for has a much greater probability of creating a shared Happiness !

So this was my birthday 🙂 To me this was perfect

Sergio Birthday was a bit different , I let him decide what he wanted for food, who was to be invited etc.  We are a lot alike in that for special occasions we prefer simple..  He wanted me to cook a  steak dinner at home to share with 2 of his friends, it was flattering he had that much confidence in my grilling abilities, fortunately it all turned out perfectly. The weather wasn’t great so we had his celebration indoors but still it was a great celebration !  The Happiness take aways here are that not everybody imagines things in the same way , a small party with a couple of friends was the ultimate happiness for Sergio , you or I might have a different idea, Happiness is not found in identical ways for eveybody ! Another take away would be that Sergio had wanted the party to be outdoors with a bright sun shining day but was flexible enough in his notion of the perfect day that his happiness remained fully intact when the weather was gloomy. Rigid ideas and plans are rarely happy !


So this was our birthdays this year , as you can see we created a lot of happiness and hopefully shared some of it with you 🙂


Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness

Until next time


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