Radio advertisements can make you Happy ?

We have a confession, we just did the craziest thing and I’m not sure if we are happy or excited, I think both !  We created a radio advertisement for this website and blog. Well wait a minute , to be clear we had somebody to create it for us, I can hardly stand the wait to see how it turns out.  I think it runs locally (Houston area) for about a week.  Maybe we will get some new people to our blog..   Basically we just paid good money to promote something everybody gets for free, we sell nothing here but I think we can all agree that happiness is priceless and that seems like a small investment if it helps even a single person find and share happiness …  I can’t change the world by myself but I can share some happiness and hope in turn you will find and share that  happiness with others.  Everything starts with a single action , believe it , live it and before you know it the world will be a much better place 🙂


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Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness

Until next time !

Greg 🙂

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