Quote of the day with some insight :) 4-7-21

I added this paragraph after the original posting because, well it occurred to me that if I want to encourage folks of different languages to read my blog that a picture that contains English words conveys nothing to those readers, the image says this ” Maybe happiness didn’t have to be about the big sweeping circumstances,  about having everything in your life in place. Maybe it was about stringing together a bunch of small pleasures” The quote is from Ann Brashares

I found this quote on the internet , major props to Ann Brashares , thank you !  I think this is a great reminder, especially in times like these where Happiness in big doses may be hard to come by !  Some of the challenges for us have been my working at home while he works an hour away, I drive , he doesn’t which if you think about it has me driving 4 hours a day ! Under normal circumstances we work pretty close to each other and the commute is actually “pleasant” (or as pleasant as a commute can be anyway)..  I can only imagine the struggles to maintain happiness in families where any sense of normal has gone out the window, my hat is off to those with school age children with the parent(s) working from home, seriously,  super hero status ! Thinking back to the quote I can imagine happiness often comes in small doses, I wonder though do we always recognize these small doses of happiness ?  I will tell you the worst kept secret I have …  If you pay attention and acknowledge those small doses of happiness you can actually maintain a pretty healthy level of happiness !  I wrote a blog post about banking happiness , I write about and around it all the time because it is such a neat trick for maintaining our happiness levels during difficult times !


Here is kind of an abbreviated summation of the post , The happiness bank – Be a happiness Ninja , it is one of my all time favorites and well worth the read , in summation …

” For every negative thought/experience in your life you need at least 3 positive thoughts/experience to feel happy ! Let’s say the car broke down, your fighting with your significant other and maybe the rent is past due.. That’s 3 pretty heavy duty negative thoughts/experience for which you need at least 9 positive thoughts/experience to feel happiness. That’s the bad news. Now here’s the good news, the human brain can literally bank positive thoughts and experiences , a rainy day fund if you will. This is exactly why sometimes very minor things happen to us and it feels like the whole world is falling apart and other times the exact same thing might happen and it’s only a minor irritation… When we don’t work at happiness our bank gets very low and our ability to remain happy in the face of adversity is severely diminished !

Ways to bank positive thoughts and experience

Be Flexible

Feel Empathy

Handle Fears

Savor positive experiences from now and in the past

Smile (your brain may not know it but it’s being tricked into feeling happy)

Sing or Listen to your favorite music

Exercise (builds the body and can distract from the negative)

Replay pleasant memories in your head

Hang out with positive people

Share your Happiness !!!!! “


Now I can add to this “find and bank small doses of happiness because I can’t prove it exactly but I highly suspect that by acknowledging the small doses of happiness that our happiness banks will fill just as quickly as the big happiness moments , I think when all is said in done a happy moment regardless of size is still a happy moment ! 

I hadn’t actually planned on writing this post today but I have to admit that I feel much happier for doing it ! More for the happiness bank !

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness





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