Easter and Happiness

Just looking at this plush Easter Bunny raises my happiness level


Holidays are golden opportunities for happiness ! Beyond the obvious religious meaning of the holiday and the comfort that brings many, and keeping in mind our blog is a religion neutral forum,  this post is more related to the elements of this particular holiday that could provide opportunities for finding and sharing happiness !

As with any holiday be sure to keep expectations in check !  Our own expectations, or expectation traps as I like to refer to them will do little to promote happiness.  We did a blog post a few years back on how to manage holiday expectations versus reality the full post is HERE if you care to read it but here is a simplified overview in one of those nice numeric lists that everybody seems to enjoy 🙂


  1. Keep your expectations in check , perspective is everything when it comes to happiness. Not everybody will have the same vision or level of interest
  2. Take joy in knowing that you can’t do everything , holidays are crammed full of things you might want to do, a far happier solution is to pick a few things and do those , much like candy it all sounds good until you have had too much ! Keep your plans simple !
  3. Be sure and take some time for yourself , get yourself centered imagine how your day might go and then perhaps check in with our expectations to make sure we aren’t setting ourselves up for disappointment. It is far easier to find and share happiness when we start with ourselves
  4. BE FLEXIBLE , sorry to shout but wow this is a biggie ! Forming a vision of how a holiday (or any day) might go and then being inflexible in those ideas as the day goes on will  not make you happy, likely it won’t make anybody happy ! Feel free to share ideas and feelings, be flexible to others ideas and feelings , sometimes in the moment this may be difficult ! Happiness often involves some self discipline,  happiness can actually be some work on our parts some times, but my goodness what a pay out !
  5. Don’t work so hard on creating the “perfect” day that you are exhausted ! Don’t skimp on rest and sleep , nothing will steal your happiness more than getting too tired . Being well rested helps us deal with difficult situations and keeps things in perspective
  6. Don’t fall into the gift trap , gifts only need be thoughtful , make a gift budget and stick to it.
  7. Alcohol is an integral part of many celebrations , be responsible , closely monitor your intake , besides the obvious pitfalls of possibly embarrassing ones self the hangover the following day will make you anything but happy, moderation and happiness go together

    Do you see a connection between all these things ?  It’s perspective and expectation , with the right perspective and keeping our expectations in check we are much happier and in turn will make others happier…  🙂

Now,  lets actually get into ways to find and share happiness this Easter , these are simply suggestions, not everybody will benefit or relate to these ideas but maybe it will spark some ideas of your own that can help you find and share Happiness…  Once again a numbered list 🙂

1.  This idea is very specific and related to us but perhaps somebody else will find this idea inspiring ! We are a ” newish ” couple of almost 2 years, we share 2 different nationalities and cultures, Easter traditions are not the same for our cultures so this year I will enthusiastically introduce him to the tradition side of the Easter holiday from my perspective !  The idea here is not so much the holiday as much as the opportunity to share the happiness that surrounds some of the traditions and past experiences of holidays past.  This idea needs to be framed in a way that happiness is shared without the expectation that perspectives or meanings will be the same. Simply sharing happiness !

2.  A variation of #1 but sharing holiday memories , fun stories , things of the past are often sources of happiness for all

3.  Focus on making memories , things people will remember fondly (review that list of expectation traps above just in case)

4.   Take pictures !  It is amazing to me the joy capturing a moment can create !  Instead of worrying about the perfect picture or the perfect moment just take lots of pictures throughout the day , even a less than stellar day can bring happiness later through pictures that can be shared with others. Happiness isn’t always found in the exact moment, profound !

5.  Not everybody’s thing, I get that but happiness and softness are related. Happiness is closely related to what we see, hear, smell, taste and physically feel, that probably seems like an overly obvious statement but what might not be quite as obvious is that often times something soft , something that tastes or smells good, music and sound, art of all kinds are excellent primers for Happiness ..  A plush stuffed bunny might seem a bit silly but using a holiday to share any of the aforementioned elements often is an almost fool proof way to share happiness and create memories !

I could go on , I won’t , likely these ideas have spurred ideas of your own, happiness is very personal , we can guide you to it but at the end of the day happiness is a choice , sharing happiness is also a choice , often it is work even but the return for your investment in happiness shared is exponential.  Happiness is infinite with infinite destinations and possibilities !

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness !

Until next time


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