How to Create a Holiday Budget and Stick to It …. ( It will make you happy)

The holidays are filled with so much joy and happiness that is seems a bit Grinch like to talk about a Holiday budget but hear me out on this, having a plan of how much in total you can or plan to spend and not having unplanned bills show up in the new year will definitely add a great deal to your happiness !

When one is really good at something they might easily assume that everybody has the same abilities or aptitude, I am really good with money or more specifically budgeting money. As I have gotten older I realize that not everybody has an inherent ability to budget..  Budgeting for the holidays is particularly challenging because their are often preconceived notions by ourselves and others what Holiday giving looks like…  It doesn’t have to be that way, a holiday budget will put you on track for a higher quality , lower cost, no burdensome surprise bills after the fact holiday ..

I ran across an excellent article on budgeting for the holidays and it encompasses the whole holiday picture , things we may not normally consider as holiday expenses, I personally thought it was pretty eye opening !

The article is here “How to Create a Holiday Budget and Stick to It” …  Here are some of the topics covered , really an excellent read

These are just the topics , this article is extremely comprehensive and filled with ideas and sub-topics , taking the time to read this will definitely go a long way in the making for a better. happier holiday !

Creating a Holiday Budget:

Step 1: Set a Spending Limit

Step 2: List Expenses

  • Gifts.
  • Wrapping Paper and Trimming
  • Cards and Postage
  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Clothing
  • Travel Expenses
  • Holiday Activities
  • Charitable Giving

Step 3: Set Priorities

Step 4: Allocate Funds

Step 5: Adjust the Numbers

Step 6: Keep Track

How to Stay Within Your Budget:

1. Adjust Expectations

2. Shop Smart

3. Do It Yourself

4. Embrace Potluck

5. Create Some Cheaper Traditions

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