9 small steps that will make you Happier !

I’m always reading and following other folks who believe in the whole concept of being happy ! Being happier makes us better people and let’s face it our world could really use a healthy dose of better, happier folks !

I saw this very well written Article by Nancy F. Clark entitled “9 Small Steps That Will Make You Happier, Starting Now” , I very much like the simplicity of the ideas , with one of the main premises being supplementing daily activities with a happy element attached …  Read the article here it is a very happy read ! Here are the highlights directly from the article , good stuff ! The nine items should leave you sufficiently curious to read the whole article !! This looks like a road-map to happiness if I ever saw one !

1) Use Your Happiness Autopilot – 

2) Good Enough Instead of Perfect

3) Do What You Love

4) How To Choose Your Friends

5) Where Should You Spend Your Money?

6) Cultivate Flow

7) Enjoy The Funny Side

8) Reframe Obstacles

9) Random Acts Of Kindness

Once again if you haven’t read the article , stop and do it now , it’s right here for your enjoyment ! CLICK HERE !!!!


So, how many of things are you already doing ? I have written about some of these before but I love the way the Author has tied it all together for us and presented it in such a happy way , I would never have thought to make brushing my teeth a thoughtful happy thing !

I hope everybody enjoyed the article as much as I did !!

Find your Happiness, Share your Happiness !!

Love one another !!


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