10 cent lemonade turns 1 years old !


Very quietly with no fanfare , no cake, no fuss my humble little blog turned 1 year old ! Over this last year a lot of content, a lot of ideas and hopefully a lot more happiness has come to my readers, I’m not a slave to the blog, perhaps obviously, I only write when I feel like my audience (the world) has a need for some extra happiness, perhaps even the notion that there is always something to be happy about ! Beyond that I write when I feel inspired or an idea hits me out of the blue that I feel merits being shared..  Earlier today I read an article on being happy I found refreshing so I shared it with some commentary…  I will continue to share things that make me happy with the hope that they might make even just one person happy…  Their is no specific forum or rules on what I might or might not share however I don’t dabble in politics or religion as a way to promote happiness as neither is universally happy to everybody, I wish to include everybody in my sharing of happiness, I hope that makes sense ?

Last year some of my more impactful, most read posts revolved around the holiday season and practical ways to navigate what can seem like a very overwhelming time of year where finding happiness can be challenging, I plan on doing that again this year because I felt it had value to a great many and in some cases was even helpful to me as the writer..  Stay tuned for those starting in November all the way to 2020 !

On a personal note this will be a bit different holiday season for me as I share it with somebody whose culture, traditions and outlook is much different than mine, the thing about happiness though is it is a universal language and I believe it feels the same to everybody…  I look forward to sharing the challenges and solutions we find, as long as the end goal is happiness I suspect it will all be just fine !

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness !!

Love one another !

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