Happiness and Anniversaries

When we think of Anniversaries we often think of birthdays , wedding anniversaries and the like. Certainly these types of Anniversaries bring happiness but what about other anniversaries, how do they factor into happiness ?

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Anniversaries of all types can be about more than a celebration and can ultimately help us get closer to the happy lives we wish to live, obviously a happier life will increase one’s overall level of happiness !  Lets think about types of anniversaries and what they could mean to our happiness.


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Your Job:  Anniversaries can be a point of reflection when it comes to your job, what things about your job bring you happiness ? Perhaps not the one year anniversary but certainly at 5 or more years one should have a good sense of what about a job makes us happy.  The problem is we often get stuck in a rut or are so busy we aren’t fully aware of our level of happiness or job satisfaction ! I’m certainly not advocating quitting your job at 5 or more years, what I am saying is that anniversaries are a good opportunity to take pause from the hustle and bustle and explore how you feel about your job, is this the experience I wish to have, does it bring me happiness, is there something else that might be more fulfilling. Obviously these are very personal and potentially life altering questions, the more in tune you are with yourself the easier this will be to address .


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Relationships: As a single guy I often use anniversaries as a gauge to how appropriate or healthy my level of interest is, as an older single guy my window of interest is probably greater than younger folks, obviously one needs to gauge for themselves whether you care to reflect in terms of weeks, months or whatever. In my particular case non committed interests get about 12 months and after this year I look back and see what kind of progress has or hasn’t been made, basically for me after a year I’m kind of done, nobody needs more than a year of your time and effort to figure out if they wish to be with you , it’s not a healthy or happy place to place hopes where they don’t belong..  Once again this is a uniquely personal experience that will differ from person to person. The point is to use anniversaries to dwell on how things are going and how it effects your Happiness 🙂 Just a note, relationships come in all forms and sizes, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship, it can also apply to various people you let into your life !


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Your Home:  For me Home is a deeply held feeling, a place that feels as much like a sanctuary as it is a refuge from the elements, every year I check in with myself to see if my home is still serving me in ways that feed my happiness..  Anniversaries in your home, more specifically the place you call home are the ideal time to take stock of what about our homes feed our happiness, what about our homes has become less than ideal ? One of the things I enjoy is taking pictures , I take a LOT of pictures, one of the interesting things I have found is I often notice things in pictures that I hadn’t noticed before, that dead plant in the corner, the dust covered whatever, so much of our environments becomes our customary view that we might not even be aware of very subliminal images we take in but don’t process in a conscious way. Even if your not a picture taker by nature I would encourage using anniversaries within your home to take pictures, I bet you find something that you hadn’t consciously noticed that could have a big impact on your happiness !


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Your Health:  Probably no surprise but your health plays a large role in your level of Happiness ! There is a good reason your Dr asks “how long has this be going on”, keeping track of anniversaries of aches and pains on up to the more major stuff will help you answer these questions. I also like to keep track of how I feel in general , usually in correlation with other anniversaries, gradual decline is something we are all subject to, checking in with ourselves at regular intervals can be very helpful in pinpointing the “when” of things..  Being in the best possible health at any age is a definite source of happiness !


Clearly there are countless examples of life events that can add or subtract from Happiness, using anniversaries of these events can help us understand what about these events made us happy or unhappy in the first place but moreover can help us in finding future paths to our happiness. Anniversaries can be empowering if we use them to our advantage !!


Find your Happiness, Share your Happiness !!

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