Faith and your Happiness

Have you ever noticed that an attitude, faith if you will, that “everything is going to be okay” is a major contributor to your happiness? For purposes of this post faith is not used in the religious context, however I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that religious faith has been strongly linked to happiness

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Faith often relies on believing in ourselves, how often have we found ourselves trying new things only to be told by otherwise well-meaning folks that it can’t be done ?  I have noticed that as human beings we tend to relate to people we care about in terms of our personal experiences, I learned long ago that just because I might fail at something doesn’t mean somebody else might have a different experience. Loving and caring about folks should always be about support no matter what our personal experiences. So it follows that faith relies on our inner voice, the one that says, maybe I can do this, hey I think I can do this, I can do this ! Having faith in ourselves while processing input from others is an art, try and succeed , fail and learn, either one is valuable, experience and success are equal in my mind. Both experience and success foster faith in yourself, irony ! Cliche for sure , but you never know what you can do until you try !

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Faith in our choices is a major contributor to Happiness ! As long as our choices are thoughtfully made and the best choice for that particular moment in time then second guessing ourselves or worse beating ourselves up for decisions made not only is a waste of time but a major stealer of Happiness ! None of us has a Crystal ball, but we need to have faith in our ability to make good choices, if and when circumstances change or decisions no longer work for our Happiness there is no shame in making new choices ! Having the faith to make choices promotes happiness, the inability or lack of faith to make choices is a major road block to any kind of happiness. Life is full of choices, make good ones, tweak or change those choices as your needs change and Happiness is likely to follow ! Making choices means you will make mistakes, mistakes are often great lessons that will serve you well and can even lead to greater happiness! Faith and experience goes hand in hand !

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Faith in our Friends !  Having faith in our friends can have some pitfalls if we don’t manage our expectations in a healthy way, faith in our friends will have a different meaning in everybody’s lives because the term friend is so loosely used, what I might call an Acquaintance you might call a friend and so on.  But at some basic level we should have faith and take comfort in our friends. Faith doesn’t mean that a friend won’t let you down or you might not see eye to eye. Faith in your friends does mean that at the core your friends  are people who to the best of their ability are there for you on some level , have your best interest at heart and mean no harm. Friendship is in no case a one way street, the same criteria applies to you as well as your friend, your friends should have faith in you too ! Defining friends in this way almost creates its own faith ! Having faith in your friends will make you happy, just make sure you are defining friends in the proper way !

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Faith in the future ! Having faith in the future is the surest way to be happy today ! Your future, your future happiness is one of the aspects we have the greatest control over ! Once again, nobody has a Crystal ball but imagine what your ideal future happiness looks like, head in that direction and keep going !! Have faith in yourself, have faith in your decisions and the ability to tweak or entirely change those decisions, have faith in your friends.  And as a concluding thought remember, you reap tomorrow what you sow today ! Plant and share as much happiness as you possibly can today and have faith that tomorrow will bring Happiness !

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness !

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