Happiness and the modern non-gender Gentleman

When you think of the term “Gentleman” what comes to mind ? Is it strictly a matter of gender, perhaps a well dressed man as shown above ? Maybe it’s the smooth lady’s man we so often see in movies ?

If you were to Google the term “Gentleman” you get some fairly vague concepts, the Urban dictionary has the best definition in my opinion, you can find their definition here.

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For purposes of this blog entry I will share my condensed definition, I actually read this in some form a number of years ago, I’m sorry I don’t recall where. My definition of a Gentleman is this: A Gentleman is simply a person who regardless of circumstance makes others feel comfortable in their presence.

In this day and age I find the idea of being a Gentleman something we should all strive for, I do however think the term might need some updating, after all I do think that regardless of gender we all have the ability to be “a person who regardless of circumstance makes others feel comfortable in their presence”. We all have the ability to exhibit “Gentlemanly” behavior.

If you’re wondering where the idea for this blog entry came from, this morning I posted this thought on Facebook. “Gentleman don’t brag about doing gentlemanly things”, and it’s 100 percent true, a Gentleman does things because it is the right or proper thing to do, we should never do things in anticipation of reward or bragging rights ! That’s simply not Gentlemanly !

This thought got me to thinking how being a Gentleman , making others feel comfortable in my presence, brings me a lot of happiness. Being a Gentleman will make you happy, being the best version of yourself , one of high moral character, generous, understanding , empathetic, respectful and genuine.  Surely I can’t be the only one that feels these are the exact things we as human beings, in this time ,in this place, as a culture are lacking ?

Perhaps the word “Gentleman” or the art of being “Gentlemanly” needs an update or even a whole new word to encompass the idea but for now I would suggest there isn’t a single man or woman on this planet that could not only share but find happiness through acts of Gentlemanly behavior 🙂

Be a Gentleman , it will make you Happy !

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