Happiness and the Tiny Carousel


I purchased this tiny Carousel for my Mom somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 years ago, for the majority of these years it was a fixture in our lives and something to look forward to seeing when visiting mom 🙂  I’m not entirely sure exactly when it stopped working as 30 years apparently can pass quickly in the blur we call life, so maybe it was last year, last decade ?

This last Christmas I made the 14 hour drive to spend the holidays with my Mom, my Sister, Brother in Law , Nephews and Niece, I can in all sincerity say it was one of the best Christmas of my entire life


Amidst all the great food, companionship and wonderful family time my Mom handed back the Carousel carefully encased in its original box and packing , “here , maybe you can fix it”, she says..  Knowing my time was limited and completely unsure of my ability to “fix” such a thing I opted to take it home to perform surgery !

I was not home very long at all when I decided I would find some batteries and see whats going on, flipped the switch on and no music, no movement, literally nothing ! But wait I do hear a very faint noise, almost like a very small motor turning ! This baffled me a bit because I can think of multiple reasons why no movement but why no sound ?


I located some very small tools and went to the task of trying to disassemble, the design of this thing is a work of art all on its own and getting it apart was nerve-racking ! When I finally reached the mechanical portion I was absolutely in awe how this thing worked ! Basically it was a modified micro cassette tape player that incorporated 2 belts, one for the tape mechanism and then a secondary belt that runs off the capson (spinning part that guides tape across the tape head). Both belts had simply lost their elasticity in those 30 years ! I knew what was wrong and I knew I could fix it, but where in the world does one find tiny belts to run a tiny tape player? Amazon!  Can you believe? And in addition its a package of a LOT of belts in lots of sizes! Sure enough there were 2 that fit perfectly !


Putting this back together took some doing, I didn’t take a picture with it totally apart because frankly it scared me to death ! But with my new belts and a lot of stubbornness it went back together and is as good as new !

Beyond being super happy I got this back together without destroying it (a very real initial fear/concern) and the joy it brings my family, this illustrates how we can each use our talents, things we are good at to bring happiness to those around us !

When we share our natural abilities, our talents, to help or enrich others the return on our investment is immeasurable, the happiness of sharing our talents not only makes those we help feel happy but our own happiness level is boosted as much and sometimes more !

Sharing your abilities will make you happy !

Find your Happiness, Share your Happiness !

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