Happiness and what we put in our body

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I bought myself a juicer for Christmas, I don’t consider myself an unhealthy person but I had been purchasing “juices” at the small cafe in the building I work. The juices did crazy boosts to my energy and my happiness but were murdering my household budget that already borders on creative finance, and not in the good way ! So I went and purchased a juicer (not a smoothie maker, this is just the juice), it has already paid for itself , that’s just how addicted I am to this healthy pick me up !


I’ve been juicing for about 3 weeks now and it amazes me just how much of a difference my overall quality of life has become, even more startling though is the immediate effects after I drink whatever juice concoction I whip up, totally brings home the importance of what we put in our bodies in relation to happiness. There is almost a high associated with drinking the juices, it feels very “clean”, I don’t have a better descriptor.


One of the things about starting a juice regiment is that on week 3 I find myself intensely craving unhealthy things (candy, pastries, fast food) that when I give in instantly make me feel like complete garbage!

That got me to thinking, I wonder how much of our Happiness might be tied to what we put in our bodies ? I have eliminated fast food, most bread and for the most part the sweet stuff I crave so much (although I have slipped several times), other than that I haven’t changed my diet drastically.  Obviously, happy is my thing, but just like everybody I have to work for it, what I have found though is that with the juicing it takes a lot less work to get to the same levels of happiness !

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My thoughts then expanded to a broader vision of things we “take into our bodies” , the air we breathe, the water we drink, the things we see , the things we hear, the things we smell ! It makes you wonder about ideas and things we may have scoffed at or taken for granted, aroma therapy for example.

Happiness clearly is tied to situations and perceptions but what if it is equally or more so tied to diet or more broadly what we “take in” in general.  I think exploring our personal worlds, the environments and elements we expose ourselves to could have some far reaching effects on our happiness 🙂

Maybe it’s just the juice talking but I definitely feel happier and even more so sharing this with you !

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