Christmas and the Lone Wolf

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I can’t be the only one who enjoys the guilty pleasure of spending Christmas by myself, you will rarely find such a calm day with fewer distractions.  I know it’s easy to feel lonely or even like some sort of odd ball, but believe it or not if you put things in the right perspective Christmas day can be more like a self-induced spa day than that often dreaded “alone day”.  I’ve said it before, I honestly enjoy time by myself, I’m not antisocial by any stretch of the imagination but I truly enjoy quality time with myself !

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I ran across this story on the Internet called 51 Things to do on Christmas Alone, written by Aletheia Luna, some of the things on the list are way out there by my standards but it makes for a fun read and who knows, maybe you will find something that sparks your interest, inspires you, or just leaves you with a smile , any way it goes your bound to be happier for reading it!

I find it to be a societal myth that being alone equals unhappiness, perhaps with a little insight and a change in Perspective and learning to love ourselves for the awesome people we are, alone can just as easily be a Happy thing 🙂  Give it a try, really there is nothing to lose if you find yourself alone either by choice or circumstance, perhaps it can even bring happiness 🙂

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