Some updates, some Housekeeping details for the blog

Alright , heading into the home stretch for Christmas I have a few gifts for you guys and some information on blog postings starting Saturday December 22, 2018.

First off the gifts

silver gift box
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1. I went ahead and upgraded the blog to a professional service package which means a better experience for you guys, some optimization for faster page loads, better graphics (or at least a larger source) and site backups so we don’t loose everything in the event of a site hack. You would not believe the number of attempts a day to get into the administration account of this blog, I’m not even sure how that would benefit anybody !! Having said that I feel the need to talk about the the “donate” button on the blog. Hackers cannot access financial information or any other personal information from my blog site, the donate button is simply a link to my PayPal account, no information is gathered or stored on my blog site ! In the event of a hack the only thing vulnerable is the blog posts themselves ! Any other questions or concerns on that I’m more than happy to address, just shoot me an email

2. I demonetized the site (no tacky advertisements) , I thought the ads were unappealing and just looked kind of junky forced into the blog pages and headers, it might cost me some dollars but at least it won’t cost me in people that enjoy the blog and definitely makes it more friendly to read

That brings us to information 🙂 As you probably figured out I write all of this in advance then put the blog entry on a schedule … I’ll be out of pocket for a few days during the holidays but I’ll try my best to see that something gets posted each day 🙂 What I may do is take some older posts and schedule them during this time period which I can always cancel and replace if I do manage to find fun stuff to post. I know some of you are on your own for the holidays so I’m going to do my best to make sure something of a happy nature gets posted the few days I’m out of pocket …

In the meantime… Find your happiness , Share your Happiness 🙂

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