Happiness , our Perspective and Differences of Opinion


I quite often say that Happiness is a matter of Perspective, personal perspective is your lens on the world !  Perspective can actually cause us unhappiness though when our perspectives become static and unchanging.  Our perspectives drive our Opinions which makes your opinion, just that , your opinion.  We all know at least a handful of people who seem so rigid in their Perspective and therefore opinions that often conversations with them is painful at best.  Think about this group of rigid perspective/opinion people, would you classify them as happy ? To me they seem stuck in unhappiness, perhaps I’m wrong in this, I don’t know !

The world changes , people change, literally nothing is static, things may change in ways we can’t see or even express but everything is in a state of continuous change !  It stands to reason that if our perspectives and therefore opinions are static in a changing world (using the word world in the personal sense , not a  global planet sense) then likely our happiness will suffer greatly !

Changes in perspective can be a very scary thing for some people, perspective is “our world” , “our reality” , learning that perhaps your perspective or opinion on things is flawed can really challenge our sense of  worth, our sense of being , things we have “known” to be the “truth” all our lives ! Without a changing or adaptable Perspective your life will become very unhappy, you may even start to feel like the whole world is wrong , you may feel the need to defend your perspective.  Does any of this sound vaguely familiar ? It should, this is where I believe our society is right now ! Everybody is so worried about being right that their perspective and therefore opinions are off-limits !

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Perspective and the resulting opinion are such strong drivers in our lives that literally people are killing each other because of difference of opinion, things have just gotten that crazy ! I will never tell you what to believe or what your perspective/ opinion  should be , I will never tell you are right or wrong because everybody is entitled to their perspective/opinion, what I will tell you is we can have a difference of opinion and still love each other, still value each other , still live among-st each other, perspective and opinion are not offenses and certainly should never be fatal !  Changes in perspective drives our happiness , I’ve said it so many times that I feel like people may get tired of reading it but perspective is just that important to your happiness !

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I think the answer for world happiness , certainly beyond our own”world” (perspective) is to open ourselves up to changes in our perspective, we don’t have to agree on anything we just have to talk to each other without debate , be open to the fact that no 2 people’s perspective is ever going to be exactly the same , it’s a good thing , not a bad thing , truly a learning and growing opportunity that we as a society largely throw out like the kitchen garbage.  To me the answer seems so simple, maybe that’s just my perspective though 😉

Love each other , love is the cure

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