Happiness and Keeping your Peace

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I have a lot of friends, both of the virtual variety and the ones I actually “know”:) . I have friends of almost every age , race, lifestyle, country of origin and so on, I’m truly blessed in this day of being able to talk to just about anybody , just about anywhere. Our lives are much richer, much more focused and happier when we see the world through new perspectives 🙂 We live in a divisive world where one group is pitted against another, that all falls apart and we find we really are all the same if we just talk to each other. Not argue , not debate , just talk and listen.

A good number of my friends are younger than I am, I believe we as human beings have the obligation to watch over each other but most especially young people as they evolve. I certainly have people who watch over me as I still evolve at 54 years old,  we constantly evolve !

Having friends especially in very diverse groups can be challenging to our perspective. I’ll let you in on something though, your perspective can evolve too and when we embrace an evolving perspective our lens on life becomes much broader, more open to new ideas and possibilities, we become happier !

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Older friends can be challenging because generally their routines and their ideas are more static, they have figured out what works for them and their comfort. Older friends however have a wealth of life skills and experiences under their belts, regardless of what anybody might tell you, history does repeat itself so those “funny notions” your older friends have might be something really wise !

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Younger friends are even more challenging, at least from my perspective.  Being supportive of dreams and ideas while weighing those against things we older folks have seen, done or just know can be excruciatingly difficult ! Young people have to learn things on their own, all we can do as older folks is be a good role model, set a good example and hope they learn in the least painful way, life lessons are hard earned sometimes !

Here is the really cool part though , we can all learn from each other. we can all have an impact , make a difference, teach a lesson, learn a lesson whether we be older or younger by any imaginable degree. All we have to do is be open to a change in perception, nothing in life is static !

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One of my younger friends (ok, well really all of my younger friends) goes through periods of angst and disillusion (100 percent normal) , and one of his frequent sayings is he is “trying to keep his peace” (bet you wondered where that title came from). I love the  concept of trying to keep your peace.  In my opinion if we as a society, as neighbors, as families, as friends, as human beings worked more on “keeping our peace” and less on finding what agitates each other, the world could cure itself of our current blight of pointless intolerance.  In my friends case, what keeping his peace means is a combination of staying calm, not agitating a situation and holding his tongue in favor of peace.  The fact that this is one of my younger friends gives me hope that our future society has the ability to be better than our present society.   When we seek to divide people, to make any group less than any other we seek to destroy ourselves because none of us are exactly the same (and thats a good thing) and as we further divide we all become one of the outcasts, one of the less desirable , it just depends how deep the divisiveness goes !

How much better would the world be if we all just “tried to keep our peace” ?

“Trying to keep our peace” not only brings us happiness but shares it at the same time !

Once again my favorite word “Perspective” !

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness




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