Happiness, when it goes astray

When we seek happiness it can be challenging to keep what really matters in perspective (my favorite word) ! If you have read my blog with any regularity you may know I often say “Happiness takes a lot of work” and I don’t mean the 9 to 5 of course, but rather work in knowing ones self and working to find the good,finding the perspective, finding the happiness in good as well as challenging situations.

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Marketing firms know that everybody seeks happiness and that true happiness takes work so when they offer instant happiness in the form of that all new bright shiny whatever or that all new and improved product and imply, almost promise happiness if you just purchase whatever they are marketing. They aren’t really selling you happiness and they know it, what they are selling you is the gateway to chasing the next best thing all in the name of a happier life…

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“Things”, no matter how great are not the source of happiness because happiness comes from within you , basically marketing firms have found a way to not only monetize your happiness but to convince you to pay for something that already belongs to you.  It’s pretty much genius , this brand of water, this soda, this coffee, this car, all will make you happy if you just buy it ! And it works because we all want to be happy and it seems so much easier than the work it takes to find real happiness..  I’ll say it again “Happiness takes a lot of work”

I found a video on YouTube by Steve Cutts that portrays the never-ending search for happiness through things.  I found it quite profound, here is the video


Happiness is not about “things”, marketing our personal happiness and then selling it to us might help increase corporate profits but it will not make you happy

Find your Happiness , Share your Happiness

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