Happiness and its Surprises

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Beyond my views and observations on happiness,the notions of how to acquire, maintain and share happiness are backed by some real science , some real psychology. Most of my posts are my perspective, what works for me, my experience ! Likely if you have read enough of my posts you have found yourself rolling your eyes or disagreeing completely, my perspective can’t, won’t and shouldn’t necessarily be entirely yours. Happiness is a very personal, highly individualized experience, I’m just so excited about happiness that I find myself wanting to share as much as possible, as long as I get people to think about it and what it means to them, then I feel like my mission has been successful 🙂

In the spirit of the psychology and science related to happiness I’m sharing the video below today, at a little under 15 minutes it might be a bit beyond some folks level of interest but in my opinion it’s well worth your time and very thought-provoking in general. One thing I found very interesting is the presenter, Nancy Etcoff, Evolutionary Psychologist talks about a happiness ratio in marriages. You may recall my post The Happiness Bank – Be a Happiness Ninja, I talked about the idea of a happiness ratio which basically says that for 1 bad thing you need 3 good things to maintain happiness , apparently in Marriage the happiness ratio is even higher, in marriage the ratio  is 5 good things for every 1 bad thing ! No pressure now, but we might need to up our game 🙂 .

The video is from February 2004 by Nancy Etcoff, Evolutionary Psychologist  and appears on ted.com . I promise, it may very well be the best 15 minutes of your day. Enjoy !



Find your Happiness, Share Your Happiness !

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