10centlemonade – high tech office to spread happiness ;)

For those that don’t know a pinch of sarcasm with a lot of irony is something that brings me a lot of happiness. I had a request for “additional information” on 10centlemonade,  I of course will respond but it amused me because in my mind I imagined it seeming like a lot bigger thing than it is. Up until recent past I was in the public outreach division for the company I work for, my former boss would be so proud to think that I need to formulate a “mission statement” at this early stage in the game 🙂  So,okay what about 10centlemonade, well it has no political affiliation, no religious affiliation, no agenda other than spreading happiness, a few bills already with about 5 dollars that came in through the donate button (made my freaking day by the way ), is run and written by one person and the office environment looks something like this. Talk about inspiration, desk designed and built by my great great grandfather for my great great grandmother at the family furniture company in South Gibson, PA



And if that isn’t inspiring enough for you this desk was in my home on August 29, 2017 when 4 feet of flood water as a result of Hurricane Harvey occupied my home, somehow the desk survived despite floating around and winding up in a pile of other furniture on one end of the house!  Required a LOT of cleaning, a rubber mallet and exactly one unoriginal screw and back in business 🙂
Can you imagine if my great great grandfather could see his custom desk now, wonder what the idea of a laptop computer would bring in his mind, I can’t imagine he could possibly comprehend… I do hope he can see me though, using the desk, being inspired by it, writing on it, even if he might be a bit miffed I’m not using the ink well he so carefully crafted in…
So what is 10centlemonade ? It’s me, a very special desk, a deep desire to inspire happiness in others and hopefully in turn inspire them to share that happiness !  Mission statement aside I think this pretty much says it all 🙂
Find your happiness , Share your Happiness !


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