Happiness – It begins with you


The first December 2018 post 🙂  I took a few days to get into the holiday mode, decorated the house, watched a bunch of sappy Christmas movies (don’t tell anybody but some made me cry) and generally had a nice quiet regenerative few days 🙂 !

Happiness and more over finding happiness is a very personal thing , what might make me happy might make you miserable and vice versa. For me alone time is paramount, whether quiet reflection, decorating , cleaning, home improvement, camping, etc, I often prefer to do things I enjoy alone.  A lot of people have a difficult time being alone but for me that’s when I do my best “work” in recharging my emotional/happiness account.

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Perhaps the reason some people have a difficult time being alone is because it puts us in the unique situation of being alone with ourselves, our inner thoughts, our inner fears, the real “us”, not the face we put on for the world, it can feel really raw.  But it is in this place we really get to know ourselves, the good , the bad, the ugly! It seems counter intuitive but getting in touch with ourselves is where self-esteem and happiness is built! We can be really hard on ourselves, much harder than anybody else but it is only when we get to know ourselves that we know what to work on, it might come as a surprise but at our core we are all the same, the rest is changeable ! Give yourself the opportunity to change or even modify things you may not like about yourself, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get to perfect, nobody , seriously NOBODY is perfect! Finding the real you and then working on that is a “lot of work” but you will be happier !


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Other people will tell you they regenerate happiness in other ways, perhaps even being very social , there is no wrong approach, the main thing is to find happiness  and share it !

I’ve said it before “happiness takes a lot of work” and what I’ve found is I recharge faster and better when I’m not distracted by or feel the need to entertain others.  Conventional thinking might have you believe that makes me self-centered maybe even selfish , quite the opposite though ! Maintaining happiness “takes a lot of work” but consider this , sharing happiness also “takes a lot of work”, one simply can’t share what they don’t have !

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Quiet reflection, investing time and energy in getting in touch with yourself , really knowing what makes you happy and being a better person for it is anything but selfish.  An investment in bettering yourself not only serves you, but every other single person you come in contact with ! For me being happy takes insight, reflection, “perspective” (you knew it was coming, right?), almost like a form of meditation.  For me I do my best thinking, my best inner dialogue when I do activities I enjoy alone, I also enjoy doing those same activities with friends but sometimes I just “need” to do them by myself , I’m working on myself !

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This is what works for me, I get great joy in knowing myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, my qualities, my faults (and working on but accepting those faults), it’s a very personal thing but once you know yourself in this way happiness is a whole lot easier to find and easier to share.  “Happiness takes a lot of work” and a good deal of this work starts from within, it’s not selfish, it’s self-healing !


Find your happiness, share your happiness !


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