The happiness bank – Be a happiness Ninja

Are there times in your life that become so overwhelming that you just can’t seem to eek out happiness ? Blame your brain and math while your at it ! Turns out there really is a mathematical ratio for happiness and no I didn’t make that up 🙂 Here is the ratio (and likely why you are having such a hard time feeling happy) For every negative thought/experience in your life you need at least 3 positive thoughts/experience to feel happy ! Let’s say the car broke down, your fighting with your significant other and maybe the rent is past due.. That’s 3 pretty heavy duty negative thoughts/experience for which you need at least 9 positive thoughts/experience to feel happiness. That’s the bad news, clearly it would take a good deal of work (happiness takes work) to get 9 positive thoughts/experience rooted in our brains, certainly it can be done in time but maybe not on the timetable you desire. Now here’s the good news, the human brain can literally bank positive thoughts and experiences , a rainy day fund if you will. This is exactly why sometimes very minor things happen to us and it feels like the whole world is falling apart and other times the exact same thing might happen and it’s only a minor irritation… When we don’t work at happiness our bank gets very low and our ability to remain happy in the face of adversity is severely diminished !

How do we fill up our positive thoughts and experience bank ? Everybody is different but a good many of these ideas listed below will work and once you get the ball rolling happiness creates it’s own momentum , don’t be lulled into thinking that momentum will last forever . “Happiness takes work ” Much like your bank account you may seem to have plenty at times but skip enough pay days or have something come up you will find yourself in trouble !

Ways to bank positive thoughts and experience

Be Flexible

Feel Empathy

Handle Fears

Savor positive experiences from now and in the past

Smile (your brain may not know it but it’s being tricked into feeling happy)

Sing or Listen to your favorite music

Exercise (builds the body and can distract from the negative)

Replay pleasant memories in your head

Hang out with positive people

Share your Happiness !!!!!

Gradually weave these thoughts and experiences into your brain by very purposefully keeping them at the forefront of your mind . The human brain isn’t wired by default to retain the good stuff , scientist theorize this has to do with early survival skills. In order for early humans to survive the really bad stuff had to stick to the brain while the happy stuff tend to slide away quickly. Perhaps this is why happiness takes work !

Get enough positive thoughts and experience banked and it will take something pretty serious to get you down and even then you will get back up much quicker ! Happiness Ninja !

Share the happiness everybody, it’s good for you !

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