Can Happiness really be stolen ? By whom ?

Absolutely ! Happiness can be stolen, lost, even hidden from you ! People that enjoy sharing happiness value that happiness above all ! Happy folks love sharing their happiness ! There are people in this world that are so incredibly unhappy that they don’t want anybody else to be happy and that most definitely includes you !  Steal your happiness and at least to their way of thinking you now have none to share ! Probably everybody has seen “The Grinch that Stole Christmas”, it’s safe to say the writer knew a “Grinch” himself ! Regardless of Season we have these thieves of happiness among us !  Guard your happiness !! Spoiler alert though, it isn’t the Grinch that is the biggest happiness thief !

Can you guess who the biggest culprit is for stealing your happiness ? That’s right ! It’s You !  Surprise !

What are some of the ways (oh and these are but just a few) that we steal our own Happiness ?

1. Exposing ourselves to negatives.

We quite often do this and it’s so common we don’t notice .

The thing with our lives is we tend to unconsciously make them unhealthy routines, the same people , the same gripes, the same surroundings ..  It’s almost the equivalent of eating the exact same thing every day and expecting to grow and be healthy.

What influence do you imagine this has on happiness ? There is an old saying that goes “Nothing changes if nothing changes”  Happiness is not static

What can you change ..

Take some time to ponder your routine , the folks , the places, your habits , the habits of others

What in this daily routine brings you happiness ? What in this daily routine takes something away from this happiness ?

Think of ways you can tweak your daily routine to improve the things, people or situations that bring you down ! Think of ways to reaffirm the elements of your routine that bring you happiness, acknowledge these are positive elements of your routine !

Bring new people with new perspectives in your life, challenge yourself with folks that might be just outside of your comfort zone.

2. Comparing your life  to others.

Thinking about what others have or are able to do , in comparison to yourself (envy) is the most efficient happiness thief I know of ! Social media, so called reality shows, marketing professionals and the like all seem to show us the life we should be living.

What can you change:

Here comes that word again, “Perspective” , do you know what Social Media, reality shows and marketing professionals never present ? That’s right, perspective !! I’m sure everybody has heard the one about the boat owner and the 2 happiest days of his life… The day he got the boat and the day he sold it 🙂

Focus on what makes YOU happy( I promise it’s not the same things that appear to make others happy) Focus can never be obtained when you place too much emphasis on what other people have or are doing !  Envy will never lead to happiness

3. Waiting too long.

We all like to dream, waiting for that perfect time to ___________________

Waiting and waiting to get started on _______________________

Never met anybody that was happy they waited on the perfect time to do their dream whatever.  I had 2 sets of grandparents, about as different in some ways as could be. They shared a common dream of traveling, one set of grandparents did that both before and after retirement , the other set chose to wait for a better time. Long story short they waited so long they were no longer able to enjoy traveling !

What can you change:

Dreams are special, if the only thing holding you back is fear then a dose of courage and at least getting started on the path to your dream is in order, what is it your afraid of ? What’s the worst thing that could happen ?

Baby steps !! Move closer to your dream in manageable steps !


4. Not making time for peace and rest

We all know the drill , just one more line on this spreadsheet, maybe one more calculation and before you know it the day is done and your wiped out !

There is a short term happiness in pushing through, getting something done, do  this long enough and you will find you have killed any happiness and eventually even productivity related to the task at hand

What can you change:

  • Hourly Breaks.  Sounds so easy and yet is so hard !  A productive work cycle is approximately 45 minutes of work and then if possible a 15 minute break. At the very least step away from your work space, walk around, maybe a small snack !  It may seem counter intuitive to how you might think of hammering out a task but you’ll get more things done, do a better job and it will be easier to maintain your happiness

5. Taking things too seriously.

Taking things too seriously robs us of the ability to be happy in the moment, let go of the past or enjoy simple things for what they are !

Being unable to laugh at yourself will not only steal your joy but makes you seem unapproachable

What can you change:

  • Surround yourself with positive mindsets.  If you think this is another aspect of the very first thing covered in this list then you’re right on track !  Surrounding yourself with positive influence will have a big effect on how you think.
  • Look to the lighter side of things. Learning to laugh at yourself is one of the happiest things you can ever experience.  Lighten up a bit !  As they say , none of us are getting out of this alive 🙂

If you think about it I bet you can think of all kinds of other ways we rob ourselves of Happiness !  The common theme I see in this post and these ideas is that as humans, we are awfully hard on ourselves ! Perhaps self love is one of the paths to happiness !

You cant give what you don’t have !  Guard your happiness 🙂  Share your Happiness !!


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