The Dollar store happiness factor


An interesting thing happened today , I can’t say it was a unique experience as time and time again I’m amazed (and sometimes saddened) at the difference in various shopping experiences around town, I’m a pretty frugal guy so I always start my grocery shopping at the 99cent store ! Now if your eyes just rolled or your thinking yuck you haven’t been to a 99 cent store recently, usually as fresh and most of times fresher on produce and refrigerated goods when compared to other stores. More times than not the offerings are of a local variety and a healthier choice than other places.  If you have never been then go, not just for the food though ! Pay attention to the people shopping, the pace here is slow and deliberate, the atmosphere is innocence at it’s finest, almost without fail folks will stop and smile, chat if your up for it, just good folks ! As I walked around the store , smiled , talked and laughed with everybody it occurred to me this would almost certainly never happen in a high end store , sure you might exchange the usual pleasantries but would you really interact on this level ? I’m sad to say the answer is you would not !  Higher end atmospheres breed a “rushed, worry if you can afford it later , don’t dare talk to anybody because obviously they must want something, it’s every man for himself” attitude…  Something for you to ponder, which of these 2 groups of people seems happier  ?

I left the 99cent store with my groceries, a Christmas dog  and an overwhelming sense of happiness shared among every single person I ran into, all in a little less than an hour and all for  just a little more than a 20 dollar bill !

On to the dreaded wal-mart ! While far from high end the clientele here clearly had more disposable income but otherwise not only were they not happy but a good many were disproportionately in poor health , not at all jolly , really not at all pleasant !  Hurrying , yelling , pushing , not a single person spoke to me….  Like I said earlier I’ve noticed this phenomenon before it’s nothing new.  I didn’t go anywhere else , I got everything I need for this week including a ton of happiness and an amazing story to share !!!

What do you suppose was so different between these 2 groups ? What caused such joy among one group and such misery in the other?  If you said money, status or anything along those lines then you missed the point …  Here comes that word again, perspective , without perspective it didn’t matter that the second group had more disposable income.  The first group knew the value of a dollar, but more importantly knew the value of the shopping experience ! Perhaps they even had a better understanding of the value of feeling well, eating right ? That’s purely conjecture on my part , but I feel like its probably pretty accurate too !

Thinking about the 99cent store clientele, do you imagine they left the store happier than when they came ? What would have been your reaction ?

Share the happiness everybody, it’s good for you !


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