The very first post ! (How exciting , right ??)

My name is Greg ….

In short, this blog is dedicated to happiness , how to find it for yourself and in my opinion more importantly how to share it with others !

I’ve always been told that I have a gift for making people smile , a gift for saying things in a way that soothes and enlightens. I’ve had a very interesting life thus far filled with challenges that I wish on none of you , dwelling on these specifically at this point seems something of a turn off and probably nothing anybody would care to read ! Through these challenges I’ve found ways to make myself happy and in turn learned some of the things that one can do to “help” bring happiness to others. Often when we think of “help” we think of money, what we are forgetting is our goal “help bring happiness” most often has little if anything to do with money.  Through this blog I hope to give you insight on little things (actions) I do every single day to make myself and others happy , perhaps a spoiler alert , it’s often the very same thing (actions).  Spreading happiness will in turn make you happy and creates an almost unending ripple with such far reaching effects it is almost beyond comprehension

I chose the name 10 cent lemonade because of the old proverb “When life hands you lemons ,make lemonade”  and because 10 cent lemonade conjures up wholesome simple images , images of a happier time perhaps.  Don’t make a lot more out of it than that , coming up with names is hard ! For whatever it is worth  I am quite pleased with the name 🙂

I hope whoever should find or be referred to this blog will find something of value , something that speaks to you , something that heals. Mostly though I hope it brings happiness !

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