The holidays , happy or ???


When I think about the holidays I think of great happiness , the irony is I’ve had some pretty rotten holidays , I imagine you have too ! Let me help put you on a path for a more blissful holiday season !

First lets talk about expectations because lets be frank our expectations of ourselves and others can get pretty inflated during the holidays ! Keep your expectations in check , perspective is everything when it comes to happiness.  If the pie gets burnt, the caterer screws up , the decorations aren’t just so , maybe the children (or even the adults) aren’t getting along.. Relax !  Keep it in perspective , things can and will happen

Secondly take joy in knowing that you can’t do everything , the holiday season is so crammed full of things you might want to do, a far happier solution is to pick a few things and do those , much like candy it all sounds good until you have had too much ! Keep your plans simple !

Third be sure and take some time for yourself each day , get yourself centered imagine how your day might go and then perhaps check in with our expectations to make sure we aren’t setting ourselves up for disappointment

Fourth  Be flexible … Holiday routines have a way of becoming dreaded affairs,  just because it’s a tradition doesn’t necessarily mean it brings joy

Fifth   Don’t skimp on rest and sleep , nothing will steal your happiness more than getting too tired . Being well rested helps us deal with difficult situations and keeps things in perspective

Sixth  Don’t fall into the gift trap , gifts only need be thoughtful , make a gift budget and stick to it , a good gift isn’t one that causes the giver grief each time a new credit card bill arrives.  Pay cash if you can .

Seventh   Alcohol is an integral part of many celebrations , be responsible , closely monitor your intake , besides the obvious pitfalls of possibly embarrassing ones self the hangover the following day will make you anything but happy, moderation and happiness go together

Do you see a connection between all these things ?  It’s perspective and expectation , with the right perspective and keeping our expectations in check we are much happier and in turn will make others happier…  🙂

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