Are your weekends happy ?

It’s Saturday morning and as always I’m thinking about happiness ! Are your weekends happy ? Do you consciously think about the things that make you happy ? How about the things that make you unhappy ?

Time off , so to speak is important to happiness , whether you have typical weekends off , some day or days throughout the week or just some time you carve out for yourself, happiness thrives when we can just take some time and regroup, that quiet cup of coffee, that moment before the bustle of the day begins , these are often the defining moments of your day !

Obviously everybody is different , what makes me happy may fall flat for you , the thing is to find what works for you ! So these are some of the things that work for me and I’m willing to bet that at least some of it will work for you ! Here are my tips for your time off ,whether it be a day, an hour , a weekend, whatever !

  1. Allow yourself to sleep in a bit if possible , don’t overdo it though, nobody enjoys feeling like they wasted their precious time off ! I wake up crazy early on work days so sleeping in to about daylight gives me those couple of extra hours to feel like I’ve pampered myself but not so much sleep that I feel like I’ve wasted my day !
  2. Avoid starting off your day with known sources of irritation , I personally avoid social media , any form of email , personal budget concerns and so on , at least until the second cup of coffee 🙂 How you start any day is important , literally the foundation for your entire day !
  3. Don’t over commit yourself ! We all fall into the trap of doing things for the sake of “fun and relaxation” that if we are honest with ourselves aren’t really things we care to do ! Happiness is a balancing act between doing the social things we want to do and things we would really rather not do ! Being social is healthy, doing things you don’t really care to do for the sake of being social will not make you happy. Now, the obvious caveat to this is you cant always do the things you want to do in a social setting, this is no longer about your happiness that’s just selfish ! Selfishness never equals happiness ! Learn to say no if that is what you really mean, not maybe, just a simple polite no thank you, sending clear signals of your intentions almost never creates hard feelings and in fact almost always avoids false expectations (in case you haven’t noticed yet expectation is closely tied to happiness) . False hope never leads to happiness !
  4. Think about how your day might go , are there errands and such to be done, perhaps you have managed to clear the whole day for yourself ! If you have errands and chores to do , what portion of your day do you see that taking ? Be honest with yourself on this ! Of these chores and errands what can be broken down into smaller parts that allow for brief periods of relaxation ? If it is a big chore or project, how much of that chore or project really is critical on this particular day ? Regardless of your answers and I encourage you to really think about these , projects often take on a life of their own, what should be a fun satisfying thing becomes an undo burden that you frankly wont do as well as could easily be done in a more timed, thought out and relaxed manner. Half or poorly done projects will not make you happy ! So back to those pesky errands, we all have them and they are rarely fun, I take just a bit of time to organize the errands in my head , what makes sense to do first ? I prefer to do my errands from the farthest to the nearest because my energy fades quickly and when I’m ready to go home I want to be as close as possible. Whatever your strategy is, organize your thoughts before you leave your home, it seems a bit much when we think about routine errands but I assure you having a plan of attack prior to heading out will make a ton of difference on your level of happiness ! Day off with no plans or commitments ? Congratulations my friend , these are some of the rarest days ! Many of the tips above also apply to this day ! On days like this I like to think about what I need , not what I want to do but what is it that my inner self really needs from this day ? There is no wrong answer and as you become more in touch with yourself this becomes easier ! These should be simple things, think quality over quantity … Being happy takes some work , let me say that again because it’s just that important, BEING HAPPY TAKES SOME WORK 🙂 , finding the simple things you need in your life will make you happy.. So back to that day all for yourself , what kind of things have you been craving or needing (the simpler the better) whether it be a day with your favorite coffee , bath robe and binge watching Netflix ? Catching up with some friends ? Maybe just taking some time to give some thought as to how fortunate you really are (that whole perspective thing again) . Whatever it is keep it simple , organize your thoughts ! Simple equates to happiness !!
  5. Share your happiness with others ! Happiness once found is best shared ! Shared happiness , costs you nothing and takes nothing away from your happiness ! Happiness is a boomerang with endless range and possibilities , whatever you send out amplifies and comes back in ways that will warm even the coldest of hearts !
  6. Limit your time on Social media and getting sucked into “the news” ! I’m certainly not suggesting you bury your head in the sand but limiting ones time on social media (in general but especially during “your time”) will make you happier, perhaps limit yourself to one news cycle , it is not only healthy but I absolutely promise will make you happier ! Social media has, to at least some extent become an unhealthy platform promoting sensationalism , self loathing , attention seeking , self promotion , scams, political arguments and the like … None and I repeat none of this will in any way make you happy ! Certainly it’s nice to see what friends and relatives are up to and it does keep folks connected in an otherwise impossible way , Just limit your time , and during “your time” perhaps give yourself permission to skip it all together ..

Enjoy “your time” everybody, make some happiness for yourself and then share that happiness like crazy 🙂

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